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Take What You Can

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A girl who lives her life by the book, a guy with a bad reputation, and a dangerous summer they'll never forget.

Paige Lawson may be a perpetual rule follower, but that’s all about to change. Excited to kick off summer, she heads to the annual beach bonfire with a group of her closest friends.

That’s where she has her first unexpected run-in with Fredrick Pryce.

Even though she’s warned to stay away from him, there’s something alluring about Fredrick she can’t quite ignore. Fueled by her desire t
o know more, Paige is determined to find out what secrets he may be hiding.

Little does she know she’s getting into hot water with—as she would call him—a modern-day pirate. He lives by a different set of rules, and with that, comes uncharted dangers.

Stuck in a world of stealing, secrets, and a code every member must follow, Fredrick and his unconventional gang of friends bring new dangers for Paige to navigate, making this no ordinary summer. 

Buy Take What You Can today for a gripping romance full of action an angst that will keep readers hooked until the very last page.
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