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Crossing the Line

Grumpy Sunshine Romance

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High school may have been three years ago, but Claire Ackerman and Aiden Lewis know each other more than they’re willing to admit. Their past created a tie between them that neither thought they’d have to acknowledge again, and when Claire unknowingly storms into the bar Aiden frequents in their hometown of Beacon, New York, they’re both thrown off by the sudden reunion.

A lot has changed since high school. 

Aiden is shut off from the world, and Claire has just had the rug ripped out from under hers. But even though he finds her a little uptight, and she finds him a little rude, the pair end up on a train to Florida together regardless. Claire gets on board as a way to celebrate her newfound independence, and Aiden joins because, even though he swore he’d never go back to Florida after what happened, he’s worried about the girl from high school that he could never fully forget.

The two have a plan, and they have rules, but things don’t turn out how they expect. 

Because rules are made to be broken. 

And even the boldest of lines are meant to be crossed. 

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