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Give Nothing Back

Book 2 of the Take What You Can Series

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High school and dating are hard, but even more so when your boyfriend is a modern-day pirate.

Paige Lawson has just survived her most terrifying and exciting summer, and senior year is about to begin. Getting back into her regular routine may be one thing but figuring out where the pirates fit into that life comes as another challenge altogether.

She wants to be with Fredrick. She wants to date and get to know him, but it’s a little hard to do that when he’s determined to keep her away from everything. Sensing Fredrick has more secrets to hide, Paige is compelled to find answers—answers she’ll get with the unexpected arrival of Fredrick’s father.

His presence brings new dangers, not only for Fredrick and the gang but for Paige, too.

Faced with new challenges, she’ll have to decide how far she’s willing to go before she loses herself in Fredrick’s world completely.

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